Take a moment with Etain

We put more into every step of the process—so you can get the most out of life.


Take a moment with Etain

We put more into every step of the process—so you can get the most out of life.

Proven Formulations

Medicine is a science—and the therapeutic use of cannabis should be no different. The CBD-to-THC content ratio for each of Etain’s four product lines was carefully chosen to deliver a specific mix of benefits.


Find Your Center

Combining a very high level of CBD with just a splash of THC, our Dolce formulation provides deep, full-body calm while maintaining perfect mental clarity. Available in capsules, oral spray, tincture, vaporizer, flower and Motif pod.

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Chill with benefits.

With a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, our Mezzo formulation pairs the calming effects of CBD with a gentle bounce of energy from THC—offering those new to cannabis a simple way to test the effects of THC. Available in capsules, oral spray, tincture, flower and Motif pod.

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Feel comfortable in your own skin.

The 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio of our Balance formulation maintains the soothing, relaxing foundation of CBD and builds on the euphoric effect—increasing energy and mental stimulation in the process. Available in capsules, dissolvable powder, oral spray, tincture, lotion, vaporizer and Motif pod.

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More power to you.

With a very high concentration of THC, our Forte formulation delivers strong euphoria and cognitive stimulation—while a small amount of CBD is included to smooth the edges. Available in capsules, dissolvable powder, oral spray, tinctures, lozenges, flower, vaporizer and Motif pod.

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Process makes perfect.

At Etain, we're guided by a simple philosophy: that every single product on our shelves should be an example of our very best work. To achieve this, we take complete ownership of every step from seed to store.

Horticultural royalty


If you want to make a great product, there's simply no substitution for great seeds. We use proprietary strains to generate the precise ratios of THC-to-CBD for each of our product lines, ensuring outstanding consistency across batches. 

Cultivated to perfection


All cannabis plants used in Etain products are grown exclusively at our cultivation facility in New York's pristine Adirondack Mountains.

To control potential pest problems, we use beneficial organisms instead of artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. As a result, our process is better for the environment, better for our employees and better for you.

Once a batch of flower is harvested, we conduct an initial round of testing at our in-house lab to make sure the batch meets our standards for quality on plant genetics, cannabinoid ratio and potency, and purity.

Made without compromise


Once we’ve grown the perfect plants for extraction, we extract the full profile of cannabis from the richest parts of them.

Our oil is then filtered through a multi-layer filtration system to remove any impurities that could cause a harsh taste or increased risk of respiratory side effects. To ensure absolute quality, we run the refined oil through another round of testing at our in-house lab.

Once the oil is ready for use, we are highly selective about the ingredients we include to craft our final products, choosing those that are vegan/vegetarian-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and pharmaceutical-grade.


Finally, before we release any finished Etain product to the market, we send it out for 3rd-party validation.

Wonderfully precise


We have sourced the largest variety of high-quality dosing methods and devices in New York State—giving patients multiple options for different onsets of action, from immediate to longer-term relief. 


Each device is selected specifically for the ability to achieve a consistent dose size in consultation with our pharmacists. And once our products have been filled, we conduct one more round of in-house testing before shipping everything off to the Department of Health for the final testing prior to sale. 

A pleasure to do business with


Once we’re pleased with the product itself, the final step is to make sure that you’re happy with it. If you are new to Etain products, we offer initial consultations and follow-up appointments with staff one of our four dispensaries. During these complimentary sessions, we can help understand your goals, answer your questions and ensure that you are getting the full benefit from our products.


Or, if you prefer, we can offer rapid and discreet delivery of Etain products straight to your door.

The Basics
Cannabis 101


Not sure which formulation is right for you? Here's a quick guide to help you understand the properties of different compounds found within the cannabis plant.