To add cannabis to treatment plans, you first need to join the state's medical marijuana program.



To add cannabis to treatment plans, you first need to join the state's medical marijuana program.




Unlike typical medications, medical marijuana products can only be prescribed in New York State by physicians who:

Are qualified to treat patients suffering from the qualifying diseases and accompanying qualifying symptoms
Are licensed and in good standing as a physician
Are currently practicing medicine
Have completed the approved Continuing Medical Education Course


Step 1: Complete Course


Valid for a CME credit, this four-hour course covers key topics on the medical use of marijuana, including:

The pharmacology of marijuana
Side effects
Adverse reactions
Overdose prevention
Drug interactions
Routes of administration
Risks and benefits
Warnings and precautions
Abuse and dependence
Other components, as determined by the commissioner


Complete Course

Step 2: Register


After you have met the educational course requirements, you must register with the NYS Department of Health.

Documentation you will need:

PDF certificate of Continuing Medical Education Course completion
Doctor’s state license number
Health Commerce System (HCS) user id



Step 3: Submit patient certifications


Once you've registered, you move into the next phase: diagnosing and certifying potential patients as qualified to receive treatment involving medical marijuana products.

Patient certifications will be submitted to the Department of Health and expire no later than one year after the date of practitioner signature. Certification for terminally ill patients will not expire unless revoked or the patient passes away.

Certification for out-of-state patients residing in New York for treatment will last the term of the patient’s residence in NY but no longer than a year.

Submit patient certifications
Medical Marijuana Data Management System

Step 4: Medical Marijuana Data Management System


As an optional step, you can agree to having your information published in the Medical Marijuana Data Management System (MMDMS).

The MMDMS allows unregistered physicians to search for registered physicians to refer their patients to (so they can pursue treatment in New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program).