Products | 2/10/2021
Our Brands: The Genetics of Etain's Formulas
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Medicine is a science—and the therapeutic use of cannabis should be no different. The CBD-to-THC content ratio for each of Etain’s four product lines was carefully chosen to deliver a specific mix of benefits. 


We use proprietary strains to generate the precise ratios of THC-to-CBD for each of our product lines, ensuring outstanding consistency across batches. 


We’ve partnered with Phylos Bioscience to begin supplying genetic information about our products to their database so you can learn how our cannabis products relate to products grown in other markets, and how particular genetics impact you specifically. 


At Etain, we grow four main strains: Etain Dolce™ (High CBD), Etain Mezzo™ (2 CBD : 1 THC), Etain Balance™ (1 CBD : 1 THC), and Etain Forte™ (High THC) which each contain a consistent ratio of THC and CBD. 


Read below to find out more about each product:


Etain Dolce (Skunk)


Our Dolce plants took some serious work to produce. You can see from our genetic report that all of its relatives come from high CBD lines, and that is no accident.  Tipping the charts at 20 parts CBD to 1 part THC, this is a very pure strain that has broad application and minimal psychoactive effects.  It has a mellow terpene profile so we are able to provide a whole plant experience.  This variety also has the benefit of being highly pest and mold resistant, so it is incredibly clean to grow – something of particular importance to everyone at Etain who is committed to producing the highest quality product possible. Combining a very high level of CBD with just a splash of THC, our Dolce formulation provides deep, full-body calm while maintaining perfect mental clarity. 


Etain Dolce™ is available in capsules, oral spray, tincture and vaporizer.


Read the Phylos Genotype report on Dolce HERE


Etain Mezzo (Mango) 


This is a really fun plant to grow because of the amazing terpene profile and smell.  When we’re harvesting, everyone knows!  Our Mezzo Mango plant has fairly uncommon genetics, but it shares characteristics with many CBD strains. Growing in at near perfect 2 parts CBD to 1 part THC, it is an ideal choice for our Mezzo brand because it doesn’t require any post-harvest processing or blending to achieve the ratio we are looking for.  This means that we are able to provide our patients with a ‘whole plant’ experience so that they can enjoy the full benefits of the entourage effect. With a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, our Mezzo formulation pairs the calming effects of CBD with a gentle bounce of energy from THC—offering those new to cannabis a simple way to test the effects of THC. 


Etain Mezzo™ is available in capsules, oral spray and tincture.


Read the Phylos Genotype report on Mezzo HERE


Etain Balance (Diesel)


Discovering this genetic mix was a bit of trial and error, the parent plants were dissimilar and produced a wide variety of offspring.  As luck would have it, we found a strain that worked for us and we have been growing it from clone ever since to make sure we keep that profile perfectly consistent for the patients who use it.  This plant shares traits with other CBD plants like those named “Shark Shock”, but what really matters is the ratio and the flavor.  With an uplifting citrus based profile, and equal parts THC and CBD, Balance Diesel has a lot to offer everyone from long term consumers to new patients. The 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio of our Balance formulation maintains the soothing, relaxing foundation of CBD and builds on the euphoric effect—increasing energy and mental stimulation in the process. 


Etain Balance™ is available in capsules, dissolvable powder, oral spray, tincture, lotion and vaporizer.


Read the Phylos Genotype report on Balance HERE


Etain Forte (Berry)


Forte Berry is in many ways a normal plant, but looks can be deceiving.  It is a hybrid strain with relatives in the skunk and berry family, but the berry really shows up in it’s terpene profile which has a stimulating combination of berry and pineapple flavors.  What makes it special isn’t immediately obvious from looking at it’s genetics.  Forte Berry has a High THC, low CBD content, is very hardy and allows us to rely on our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program to keep things clean, and provide our patients with a user friendly product for experienced cannabis users and patients just trying cannabis for the first time. Because this is a THC dominant strain, our Forte formulation delivers strong euphoria and cognitive stimulation—while a small amount of CBD is included to smooth the edges. 


Etain Forte™ is available in capsules, dissolvable powder, oral spray, tinctures, lozenges and ground flower

Read the Phylos Genotype report on Forte HERE


Etain Forte (Tangie)


Forte Tangie is packed with terpenes and has the highest terpene content of any plant we grow. It comes from a Skunk and Kush background and really packs in the flavor. The extra terpenes ensure that Forte Tangie has a strong euphoric and relaxing effect. While growing, Forte Tangie has a very strong citrus smell, you can’t mistake it. Throughout the curing process the smell mellows down and the skunk traits show up in force along with some sweetness. It grows best in a slightly colder climate, so we like to grow it over the winter when our greenhouses are a bit cooler and it can really flourish. Sativa dominant in terms of phenotype, it's an impressive sight with sky high clusters of buds. With a high ratio of THC to CBD, Forte Tangie is a great choice for experienced users or those desiring a stronger cognitive effect.


Etain Fortie Tangie is available in ground flower.


Read the Phylos Genotype report on Forte Tangie HERE