Moments | 7/29/2022

Take A Moment with Commons

Commons CBD Gummies where to buy Etain New York City NYC medical cannabis marijuana dispensary near me
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About The Brand: Commons is a natural wellness brand that exists at the unique intersection of wellness, cannabinoids, and peer-to-peer sales. Commons was started because they believe that hemp and cannabis should be accessible to everyone, and by offering products, education, and a community of Ambassadors, they can help people get the most out of each day.


Commons Founder Tahira took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and their CBD strips, gummies and mints available at the Etain New York City medical cannabis legal dispensary.


What’s the meaning behind the Commons brand name?

The word “commons” means “land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community.” At Commons, our mission is to democratize access to health and wellness products, share the hemp and cannabis opportunity through a peer-to-peer model, and fill a much-needed trust gap. Backed by a community of advocates, educators, and health practitioners, our products are developed to help people feel healthier and happier each day.


Do you have a favorite product in the Commons line?

I’m 100% biased and love our products, but I am a particular fan of our strips because of the unique form factor, higher dose, and quick impact. They’re easy on-the-go (now that we’re on-the-go again) and have helped me when anxious or when needing a little sleep aid.


Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women-owned business?

Ask for help! Women can be terrible at it because we’re used to just figuring it out ourselves but use that network you’ve been building for years, and maybe didn’t even know it. Many people want to help others and give their time to support each other, and you’ve probably done a favor or two in the past that someone wants to pay forward. We have to remember that no one gets anywhere alone.


What do you think Commons products compliment Etain products?

As long-time cannabis industry investors, operators, and New Yorkers, we’ve been fans of Etain and the team since day 1. From being female-founded and led to supporting collaboration and advancement together to wanting to help people feel better, we’re completely mission-aligned. Etain and Commons both focus on education and support, whatever someone’s health journey may be, and we’re thrilled to find such a strong partner to work with.


How do you Take A Moment?

Like every entrepreneur, the to-do list doesn’t end, the stress rarely fades, and there’s never enough time. So I take walks. One pandemic habit that’s worth keeping, walking has reminded me to look up, explore new places, and take a moment to exhale (or inhale depending on the mood).


commons founders CBD Gummies where to buy Etain New York City NYC medical cannabis marijuana dispensary near me


Shop Commons CBD products at the Etain NYC legal medical cannabis dispensary in Midtown Manhattan