Moments | 7/6/2022
Take A Moment with Xula
Xula at Etain


Take a Moment with:Xula


About The Brand: Xula is a Latina and Black-owned hemp brand born in Mexico City. They fuse ancestral herbal knowledge and modern scientific understanding into the creation of their products. Their CBD comes from their own certified organic hemp farm in Southern Oregon - assuring the highest quality. 


Xula Co-Founder Karina Primelles took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and their herbal tinctures available at Etain NYC. 


What’s the meaning behind the brand name?


Xula conveys a way of being that we want to promote; of feeling good and confident in your body. In playing with the word “chula”, which is a term of endearment in Mexican Spanish, we use the following definition for xula: “chill, intelligent, cute, balanced – to feel good in one’s own skin.”


Do you have a favorite product in the Xula line?


Moon-a-pause is definitely up there. While both Mennlay and I are yet to reach the age to start taking it, it is a product that has stood out from the beginning. We are amazed at the way in which menopausal bodies can benefit from it and how it truly offers a viable option for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional hormone therapy. We see it as providing a trifecta of relief by simultaneously supporting mood, hot-flashes, and vaginal lubrication. 


Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women owned business?


There have been so many lessons in this journey that it’s hard to think of the biggest one. A really significant one though, has been realizing the importance of what my mindset is and the impact that has on my business. It sounds a bit cheesy but I have become a true believer in the power of positive thinking and the way that impacts my own capacities. I sometimes experience a bit of imposter syndrome, yet it is important to see that the self/doubt that comes from that is never constructive. While I don’t do it perfectly, I now try to replace those thoughts when they come up for something more along the lines of: “I am learning and growing and it is normal to not have it all figured out”. 


What do you think the Xula products compliment Etain’s medical cannabis products? 


Etain is a space that truly honors the medicinal side of cannabis. While we use this as an anchor we also bring into the space other plant medicines that expand on key wellness areas that Etain is providing support for. 


How do you Take A Moment?


Since the start of the pandemic, I started working from home and moved to the outskirts of Mexico City. I now have access to a relatively big wooded area so I’ve gotten into the habit of going on walks with my cats whenever I am stressed or as a way to start my day. This is generally in the form of a short 10 minute break but it really makes all the difference. 



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