Moments | 3/28/2022
Take A Moment with NOIREBUD


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About The Brand: NOIREBUD is a fearlessly black female owned multidimensional CBD luxury product line which serves multiple demographics with humble charm, integrity, and simplicity. Founded and curated in Brooklyn in 2018 by Carolyn Gray, and has been through three phases of growth. While navigating the cannabis industry and market, Carolyn found there was a lack of paying homage to people of color who have fallen under the government's grip of incarceration for handling marijuana from many brands that were available. There was also a lack of luxury, trustworthy, and affordable products on the market created by anyone from the black or brown community. So as the brand started off from humble beginnings as far as offering, packaging, and name is concerned, Carolyn continuously worked through the first and second phase of her business on creating products that she felt herself and those around her needed on a daily basis. Made from love and deep thought. Made for all. Determined to keep growing, learning, and refining the offering for the clients that do the same for themselves


NOIREBUD Founder Carolyn took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and the CBD Hard Candies carried at all Etain locations. 


What’s the meaning behind the brand name? Noirebud was created from the name Noire and Bud. Noire means black in French. Bud is another word for cannabis but I also wanted it to show kinship and community in the name. When I created the brand it was another French name that translated to handcrafted or soft hands. I didn’t feel the name was strong enough. I went back to the drawing board. I wanted to incorporate my life changing travels to London and Paris but also represent who I am and the community I come from. So Black Bud or Noirebud was re-birthed to represent the strength of the black community, to appreciate the elegance of the color, as well as highlight the healing properties in cannabis and the community it creates and serves. 



Do you have a favorite product in the NOIREBUD lines? The Recover Body Salve -  I use it every day and all day. For aches in my hands and feet from arthritis, as well as muscle tension caused by anxiety. I even apply it on to my lower abdomen when I have menstrual pain. 



Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women owned business? That I am more than capable to do anything I put my mind to. And that it is important to be open and create a sisterhood with other women. Together we are unstoppable! 



What do you think NOIREBUD Hard Candies compliment Etain products?  Noirebud will complement the full product offering at Etain for customers who are looking to add a sweet treat that will enhance their THC experience. The CBD Hard Candies also offer a midday calming option, or a quick fix to take the edge off but maintain focus.



How do you Take A Moment? Two of my favorite ways to take a moment is to take a nice hot shower with my favorite mellow music playing. And I say NO to humans on Mondays. Meaning, I do not take on meetings. I work on admin from home until 2-3 pm. I schedule a beauty service like getting a pedicure or facial. I stay to myself on a day that really used to give me high anxiety when I did work in demanding jobs. If I do not take my moment on Mondays then my week can feel a bit forced and rushed. 




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