Moments | 7/7/2023

Take A Moment with brelixi

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About The Brand: Where innovation meets passion: brelixi is a functional instant drink mix that creates your own cbd elixir wherever & whenever you’d like with their convenient stick packs. Their founder draws on her expertise in food science, functional ingredients, and cannabis to create functional elixir mixes designed to highdrate + elevate. With breakthrough nanotechnology, they’re revolutionizing the way we interact with cannabis and traditional consumables, offering a faster onset time with more perceivable effects.


brelixi is also packed with functional benefits such as:

  • Electrolytes for increased hydration
  • Adaptogens for full body destress
  • Nootropics for mood balance
  • Antioxidants for immunity boost


brelixi founder Breanna took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and their Functional CBD Drink mix stick now available at all Etain locations.


What’s the meaning behind the brelixi brand name?

We very much see ourselves as a wellness brand with a focus on updated and convenient uses with ancient homeopathic solutions. We felt modern day elixirs are a fair description of our flagship product; and this idea was very much inspired by my own necessity. We tried to think of a playful combo of “Breanna” x “elixir”… thus brelixi was born!



What made you decide to create brelixi?

As a high tolerance user myself, I was shocked at the efficacy of nano cannabis. As a product developer it was immediately clear to me this is going to be the future of consumables. When I looked around at the market, not only did I realize I could solve the poor flavor & adverse aftertaste problems plaguing the space, but I realized no one is creating for the health-conscious high tolerance consumer. So over 7 months I created and brought to market products perfectly dosed and packed with our brelixi better-for-you blend for 5 functional ingredients: electrolytes, nootropics, adaptogens, antioxidants, and nano cannabis.



Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women-owned business?

I’ve learned that working within community is really important + really rewarding. By partnering with other women-owned businesses and platforms in the local cannabis & wellness industry, I had a warm welcome and a lot of support offered which was so needed as we were getting our feet on the ground.



How do you think the brelixi products compliment Etain’s medical cannabis products?

brelixi’s convenient and inconspicuous design is perfect for Etain’s clientele and a wonderful extension of your medical cannabis product offerings. brelixi’s diverse use cases provide customers tremendous opportunity to mindfully integrate this form of holistic treatment into their daily routines: after a workout for enhanced recovery & deeper stretching, before an interview for a decluttered mind, after a massage for hydration, before journaling for heightened introspection, or just as a wind-down elixir after a long day.


How do you Take A Moment?

I take a moment during my weekly meditation CBD bath soaks as part of my reiki meditation practice. I light candles, incense, turn on color lighting depending on what’s feeling right to me at that moment, and I prepare my bath with a detox CBD + magnesium epsom salt soak, and spend time clearing any chakras that might feel blocked.


Brelixi cbd drink mix where to buy nyc new york dispensary near me Etain cannabis


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