Products | 6/1/2021
New Premium Ground Flower Launch: Mezzo Mango
Mezzo Mango

Freshly Picked 

Just in time for summer, the Etain Premium Ground Flower bunch continues to grow with our Mezzo Mango strain now available. 


Mezzo Mango is a fun plant to grow because of the amazing terpene profile and smell of, you guessed it, mangos! 

Our Mezzo Mango plant has fairly uncommon genetics, but it shares characteristics with many CBD strains. Growing in at a near perfect 2 parts CBD to 1 part THC, it is an ideal choice for our Mezzo brand because it doesn’t require any post-harvest processing or blending to achieve that ratio. This means we're able to provide our patients with a ‘whole plant’ experience. 

Our Mezzo formulation pairs the calming effects of CBD with a gentle bounce of energy from THC with a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio

Etain Ground Flower is in stock at all Etain dispensaries and available to purchase with no quantity limit.*

Read the Phylos Genotype report on Mezzo Mango HERE

*quantity may not exceed a 30 day supply due to NYS regulation