Etain’s First Brands: Balance, Dolce, Forte

As 2016 commences and the medical marijuana program nears open doors Etain is proud to announce the roll-out of our first three brands of product. Each brand is produced from our carefully manicured plants which are extracted into oil and then recombined to match a specific set of desired effects.

Balance is an equal CBD-THC formulation designed to elicit a moderate euphoric sensation and feelings of well-being.

Dolce is a high-CBD formulation designed for patients who want the pain-relieving effects of medical marijuana with a slight euphoric sensation.

Forte is a high-THC formulation which produces a strong euphoric sensation accompanied by increased feelings of awareness and appetite.

We are ecstatic to begin offering these product brands in our dispensaries for our impending launch, and we hope they serve to increase the quality of life for New York State’s patients.We will be releasing more information about each of the forms and devices our brands will come in next week, as well as more details about our dispensing locations and when patients can expect to be able to purchase and use Etain medical marijuana products. Stay tuned!