Etain Wins License in NY State

On July 31st, 2015, Etain, LLC became one of five Registered Organizations under the Compassionate Care Act – New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program. This was a huge victory for our team, for women-owned and family-owned businesses, and for New York State as a whole. We are honored to have been entrusted with the responsibility and opportunity that this registration represents to the people of New York.

Since winning the license, one of the most common questions that Etain has gotten is, “How did you do it?” Many people have been surprised to discover that our efforts were years in the making. Amy began researching medical marijuana in 2013, while her mother, Fran, was in hospice care suffering from the advanced stages of ALS. Earlier that year, a doctor had informed Amy and Fran that medical marijuana might alleviate some of Fran’s suffering. However, until Governor Cuomo’s initiative to enact the Compassionate Care Act, there was no legal avenue for patients to pursue this treatment option in New York.

Prompted by the doctor’s recommendation, Amy’s research revealed a genuine need for businesses providing access to medical marijuana in New York State. Amy presented her ideas to Hillary, who had recently completed business studies at Dartmouth, and Keeley, a New York Botanical Gardens-Certified Horticultural Therapist, and they agreed to pursue medical marijuana as a family business project. Through the collaborative efforts of Amy, Hillary, and Keeley Etain, LLC was formed.

The next two years were spent on market research, identifying and engaging with top industry talent, public outreach, financing, and much more. Experience and good fortune were invaluable throughout these preparations, but more important was Amy, Hillary and Keeley’s unwavering determination to form a company that would become a national leader in the medical marijuana industry. Etain has received immeasurable support from New York’s residents and leaders in the industry for which we are immensely grateful. Receiving one of New York State’s five registrations validated many years of hard work, and reinforced our mission to provide compassionate care for the patients of New York State.