Moments | 4/17/2024

How do you take a moment? Plus, our favorite high-tivities.

How do you take a moment? Plus, our favorite high-tivities.

In honor of 4/20 week, we’re getting you ready with a double dose of insights from our White Plains team.


This week they share their favorite high-tivities and how they Take a Moment.


From a hike, to gardening, to Netflix and chill, our team gives you weekend inspo and reminds you that no matter what you do make sure you Take a Moment after the festivities.


How do we take a moment?


Bella: My favourite way to take a moment after a long day is just cuddling up with my dog and catching up on the latest Netflix series.


Vito: I take a moment by stepping back and just seeing what’s around. No one really takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture.


Scott: I love taking a moment at the end of the day with a nice dab or any kind of smokable, whether it’s a vape or a joint.


Alyssa: It’s definitely just one of those zens where you take that nice big breath in, that big breath out, and it’s just one day at a time.


Our favorite high-tivities


Marlon: My favorite high-tivity would be hiking.


Vito: I love to hike, walk around, just be outside. Anything outside really is just my favorite. On a nice day, just walk on a trail or have a gardening session.


Bella: It has to be a nice gardening session, and I mean that literally. Going in my garden and just being in the dirt and enjoying my time outside in the sunshine with my dogs. It’s my favorite thing to do, it’s so relaxing.


Marcia: Oh man, I’m super simple. I like to be at home, have my favorite snacks, Netflix and chill.


Scott: It kind of ranges from me either being active and doing snowboarding to just kind of chilling, playing video games, watching a movie, kind of relaxing on the couch.