Moments | 12/18/2020

Hey Ladies - Ladybug Pest Control for Cannabis

collage of lady bugs being used for pest control on cannabis plants Etain Health Medical Cannabis Marijuana New York Manhattan NYC Kingston Syracuse Yonkers Dispensary Near Me Delivery Buy Online

All cannabis plants used in Etain medical cannabis products are grown exclusively at our cultivation facility in New York's pristine Adirondack Mountains.


To control potential pest problems, we use beneficial organisms instead of artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. As a result, our process is better for the environment, better for our employees and better for you.


We have been misled into thinking that chemical preparations are the only “effective” way to control pests, when in fact there are many natural ways to keep them under control and even have them work for you. In horticulture, they call this integrative pest management (IPM) which involves the use of beneficial insects to control or eliminate the insects that do damage. 


There are many different types of beneficial insects and at Etain our all time favorite is the cheerful ladybug. We confess, sometimes we release them just for fun! 


Ladybugs are a great treatment for aphids and other soft-bodied pests, including the dreaded spider mite. In flowering rooms where it may get cooler at night with the lights off, they huddle together on top of the plants, which is a beautiful, colorful sight. Ladybugs are voracious aphid feeders and an adult beetle will eat 50 or more aphids a day!


Even if you don’t have a pest problem, releasing ladybugs is a surefire way to have an #EtainMoment, and to add some happiness and color to your day.