Moments | 4/2/2024

What’s Your Favorite Adult-Use Product? Shop Our Staff Picks.

Fave AU Products

Get to know the home of our newest Etain location with White Plains Wednesdays.


This week, take a moment to shop our staff’s favorite adult-use products – all available at our White Plains dispensary.


We have stocked the shelves with a curated selection of products with a focus on women-founded and home grown New York brands. Stop by and try something new!


Marlon: My favorite adult-use product would probably be from Eaton Botanicals. The edibles are amazing, they also come with adaptogens like mushrooms and things like that.


Marcia: So an appetite suppressant, the Her Highness Giggle Puffs? Dope. Yeah, anything that’ll suppress my appetite I’m for, and it’ll make me happy. Also, the ayrloom edibles with THCv. THCv is like an upper, something you could take when you’re going to Coachella, the club, you’re trying to vibe out with energy. I feel like I could hike…and I don’t hike at all.


Scott: The concentrates from MFNY. Any of the concentrates are good, but my favorite is the Gelato 41.


Alyssa: A ‘doinker’ from MFNY, that would probably be my favourite. It’s a nice heavy-leaning method of consumption and I find that it’s the easiest way to combat all my ailments.


Bella: The House of Puff Serenity Spritz. I take two spritzes to go to bed and I am good for the night.