Moments | 3/26/2024

Explore White Plains: Our Go-To Spots

Explore White Plains: Our Go-To Spots

Get to know the home of our newest Etain location with our new series White Plains Wednesdays. We'll be spotlighting our incredible staff and their favorite local spots, products and more.


This week our team gives you the insider look at their go-to restaurants and bars located steps away from our dispensary on Mamaroneck Avenue.


Join us on a journey as we uncover the beloved staples that make White Plains a destination worth taking a moment to visit.


Stop by Etain and shop your medical and adult-use products then visit our new buds in the neighborhood!


Alyssa: My first go-to spot of course is going to be Etain and the second would definitely be Little Drunken Chef right next door. You definitely have to check out the food, this spot is just a vibe.


Marcia: Oh, Don Coqui! You gotta have their Dominican oxtails.


Vito: I would go with Mario’s, the pizzeria right across the street. There are good pies and also just to grab a slice, it’s super quick and they’re really nice in there as well.


Bella: Freebird right on Mamaroneck Avenue. They have delicious brunch and dinner.


Scott: Good fine dining is Shiraz, which is actually right across the street. Also I like to go to many of the different restaurants and bars located right here on Mamaroneck Avenue.