New Medical Marijuana Product Available: Mezzo

New Medical Marijuana Product Mezzo

Introducing a new Medical Marijuana Product: Etain Mezzo

Etain is introducing a new medical marijuana product to our New York dispensary locations. Mezzo is a 2 CBD to 1 THC product designed to provide the pain relief from THC while counteracting psychoactive effects with a strong dose of CBD. Mezzo is less likely to cause sleepiness or feelings of “being high” due to THC being counteracted by a large amount of CBD. This makes Mezzo safer for day-time use.

Many of our first-time medical marijuana patients can benefit from the pain-relief and appetite enhancement that THC provides but are concerned about unwanted psychoactive effects. Mezzo provides a way for patients that are new to cannabis to receive the benefits of THC but with lessened unwanted psychoactive side-effects.

Mezzo is now available in Capsule and Tincture forms at our dispensaries, if you are interested in purchasing Mezzo please speak with your doctor or with your local Etain pharmacist. You can read more about Mezzo as well as our other medical marijuana products on our products page, here.


We’re excited to bring this product to market in New York State, and we have high hopes that it will help bring patients unfamiliar with cannabis as a medicine into the program comfortably.



New York Medical Marijuana Regulation Expansion

New York Medical Marijuana Regulation Expansion

There are updates coming to New York medical marijuana regulations. A new packet of rules is currently being decided on to expand New York’s program.

There are multiple changes under consideration in the expansion. One change would allow organizations to let people without registry ID cards into dispensaries, allowing Etain to see and provide information to prospective patients in person. Another change would expand the number of products available in dispensaries, allowing us to sell lozenges as well as topical/on-skin products (which we have gotten requests for).

Etain is fully in support of expanding the regulations on medical marijuana in New York State, and we hope that our patients and other patients enrolled in the program will be better served by the new regulations under consideration.

You can read more about the medical marijuana regulation changes here:

Albany Medical Marijuana Delivery

Albany Medical Marijuana Delivery Program

Etain’s Albany medical marijuana delivery program is up and running. We will be sending a large email blast out regarding delivery as well as reminders for patients about when to schedule their deliveries soon.

You can read more about how Etain’s medical marijuana delivery program is helping to serve patients in the Capital Region by following the link below:

New York City Dispensary – Accepting Appointments!

New York City Dispensary Etain Medical Marijuana

We are proud to announce that Etain’s New York City Dispensary is now accepting appointments for medical marijuana patients in the New York Area. Appointment slots are open for July 13th and beyond, you can follow the link below to schedule an appointment or reach us by phone at  (914) 437 7898.

Our New York City Dispensary will offer our full line of Products including Dolce (High CBD), Balance (1:1 THC:CBD), and Forte (High THC). First-time patients can expect a visit to take around 25 minutes so our pharmacists can walk through Etain’s unique product formulations and dosing forms, patients that have visited Etain before can schedule refills through our streamlined refill process for quick product pickup.

Patients can schedule an appointment at our New York City Dispensary here:

New York City Medical Marijuana Dispensary

New York City Medical Marijuana Dispensary

We are proud to announce that we will be opening our New York City medical marijuana dispensary at 142 E 39th Street the second week of July. We are working intensively to have the dispensary open in the coming weeks, and are hoping to have everything open for patients the second week of July. We are excited and proud for the opportunity to provide patients in New York City with only the purest, most effective medical marijuana products.

You can read more about the opening in the New York Daily News here.


Due to our move to Manhattan, we will be closing our Albany dispensary starting July 8th. Patients in Albany will still have access to our full line of products through a delivery program that will be rolled out soon.


Patients that are interested in more information on our New York City Dispensary Opening can sign up here!


Patients that are interested in more information on our Albany Delivery Program can sign up here!


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New York Medical Marijuana Doctor List

Medical Marijuana Doctor List

The Department of Health recently published a Medical Marijuana Doctor List with a list of doctors that are registered to recommend medical marijuana in New York. This is great news for any potential patients that still need a recommendation for medical marijuana from a doctor.


You can find the list of doctors published HERE.


Feel free to reach out to our office staff with any questions you may have about the process to register as a patient, our office number is (914) 437 7898.



Medical Marijuana to Riverspring Health

Medical Marijuana to Riverspring Health

We are happy to announce that Etain will help bring medical marijuana to Riverspring Health, featuring the Hebrew Home for the Aged, in Riverdale in the Bronx. This is the first relationship of its kind in New York State. We have been working with administrators from Riverspring to cultivate this relationship, and we are happy that we can help expand access to patients in the north Bronx through our Yonkers dispensary. We are proud that Riverspring Health has been open to working with Etain on this relationship, and we look forward to bringing Etain’s superior medical marijuana products to more patients in New York.

You can read more about Riverspring and Etain on the New York Times here or on the Daily News here.

-Etain Health

Medical Marijuana Discount Program

Etain balance medical marijuana products on a white background. Including Oral Spray, Vaporizer, Capsules, and Tincture.

Etain is proud to announce that we are officially implementing a new medical marijuana discount program, effective immediately!

Going forward, all purchases of 100 dollars or more are eligible for a redeemable coupon usable on your next purchase under our new medical marijuana discount program. All of Etain’s products qualify towards the discount. Our discount program scales with the amount that patients are purchasing. This means that patients who have to visit often or purchase in bulk to treat their symptoms will be helped by our new discounts.

We founded our company to ensure that patients in New York had access to the highest quality, purest, and most potent products available anywhere. We hope that our new customer loyalty program helps us bring superior medical marijuana products to more patients in the state.

For more information on our discount program you can speak with a pharmacist in person at one of our dispensaries or contact us via:


Phone: (914) 437 7898


NYSSCPA Marijuana Symposium

Hillary Peckham, COO of Etain, interviewed at the Marijuana Symposium on December 13th.

Hillary Peckham, COO of Etain, New York’s women-owned medical marijuana company, spoke at the NYSSCPA Marijuana Symposium this past week about the state of New York’s market, and the need for good accounting in medical marijuana. Many accountants worry about getting into medical marijuana due to federal status, so there is a definite need for organizations like the NYSSCPA to continue educating their members about accounting in medical marijuana. You can watch Hillary’s interview by following the link below:

Read more about the conference here.