Moments | 4/9/2024

Advice for First-Time Cannabis Consumers

Advice for First-Time Cannabis Consumers

Starting your cannabis journey can be both exciting and daunting. As we get ready for 4/20, we asked our staff for advice tailored for first-time cannabis consumers.


Whether you're seeking medical relief or are simply curious about adult-use, this video aims to provide you with the knowledge to embark on your cannabis journey with ease, and step into our dispensaries with confidence.


Marcia: Start low and slow. That is the Bible.


Bella: Definitely keep a journal. It’s so important to keep track of what works and what doesn’t work for you.


Marlon: Ask all the questions that you have, specifically when it comes to the strains of flower or of the product that you’re looking for.


Vito: Definitely take a look at the menu. Don’t rush, take your time, ask questions – that’s what we’re here for.


Scott: New customers definitely new to the experience, I would say take it at your own pace. Slower is always a great way to start, that way you don’t overwhelm yourself and even if you do, simple remedies like taking a nap could help you out. Low and slow is the best way to do it when you start your journey.