Products | 7/1/2022
SP Whole Flower

Etain Forte: SP - Sergeant Pepper 

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

20:1 THC:CBD


Etain introduces the next strain in our line of Premium Whole Flower,

Forte: Sergeant Pepper. 


Sergeant Pepper is a relatively new hybrid strain and its lineage is similar to Chunky Skunk, White Siberian, and Pineapple Express, making it a strain with full-bodied flavor and potent effects. Named for the iconic song by The Beatles, Sergeant Pepper has a spicy flavor and stimulating high that could get patients moving to their favorite tune. 


Given its sativa leaning properties, Sergeant Pepper has been reported to help with treating chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, inflammation, chronic stress and depression or mood swings.


Etain whole flower is crafted in small-batches with seasonally selected strains.




Etain Forte SP Whole Flower: 3.5GM - $50

18% tTHC 

Dosing: 5.5 mg tTHC / <0.5 mg tCBD per 1 4 second inhale 

Active per Package: 610.5mg THC / <82.5mg CBD 

165 doses