Products | 6/24/2022
PW Whole Flower
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Etain Balance: PW - Pennywise 

Indica Dominant Hybrid 



Terpenes: trans-Caryophyllene, b-Myrcene, Guaiol, a-Pinene

(Spicy, Peppery, Pine)


Etain introduces the next strain in our line of Premium Whole Flower,

Balance: Pennywise 


Pennywise is the first strain from the Etain Balance 1:1 line. It’s created by crossing the strains Harlequin x Jack the Ripper. Unlike its scary name inspired by the clown in Stephen King’s book, this strain imparts a high CBD content, known to make it soothing and therapeutic. 


Its finger-like buds have a generous coating of resinous trichomes, which gives it an almost frosted appearance.


Pennywise contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, so the psychoactive effects are milder and more relaxing. After consuming this strain, patients have reported a mild cerebral high and an improvement in mood.


High CBD strains have shown potential in alleviating the effects of PTSD, arthritis, epilepsy and various neurological disorders. These kinds of strains have also been observed to have neuroprotective properties. Pennywise’s generally sedate mood can potentially help relieve stress and calm anxiety.


Etain whole flower is crafted in small-batches with seasonally selected strains.




Etain Balance Pennywise Whole Flower: 3.5GM - $50

7% tTHC 

Active per Package: 247.5mg THC / 247.5mg CBD