Products | 3/16/2022
OGxA Whole Flower
oga bud

Lucky You! A New Whole Flower Strain


Forte: OGxA

Original Kush x Amethyst 


Indica-Dominant Hybrid

20:1 THC:CBD

Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Geraniol



Etain introduces the next strain in our line of Premium Whole Flower, Forte: OGxA. 

This indica-dominant hybrid is developed from crossing Original Kush and Amethyst.   


Forte OGxA has medium-firm buds that are orange and green on the outside but when you open and grind it you’ll find bits of deep purple color from the Amethyst lineage. It has a strong and pungent grassy aroma with round, floral notes on the palate. This high potency strain provides patients with a pleasant and relaxing high. 


To fully experience this strain we recommend aerating it by leaving the jar open for 15 minutes then closing the jar and letting it sit overnight. When you first open OGxA and smell it you won’t get the full effect - but do this process and you’ll get a totally different smell from the air circulation on the terpenes that awakens it and reveals the full aroma profile.




Patients describe the OGxA high as a mellow high with primarily indica qualities that leaves them relaxed and at ease. This mellow body high is accompanied by a mild sense of couch-lock that still leaves patients functional.


Etain whole flower is crafted in small-batches with seasonally selected strains. 


oga bud


Etain Forte OGxA: 3.5GM - $50

tTHC 21%

Available now at all Etain Dispensaries