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Alien Cookies Whole Flower

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Etain Forte: AC - Alien Cookies


20:1 THC:CBD


Etain introduces the next strain in our line of Premium Whole Flower, Forte: Alien Cookies

The newest strain of Etain whole flower is out of this world. Alien Cookies is a cross between the legendary Girl Scout Cookies x Alien Dawg strains. This well balanced hybrid strain takes cues from its lineage, combining the relaxation of an indica and the social invigoration of a sativa.


In the jar there is an earthy and spicy aroma, but after grinding it the strain teleports to a sweet and citrusy flavor. Alien Cookies effects can be strongly uplifting, delivering a potent dose of euphoria. It can spur cerebral creativity and gravitates towards boosting the user's mood. Used later in the day it could induce a deeply sedating, spacey feeling.


These characteristics make Alien Cookies ideal for possibly treating conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss, muscle spasms, insomnia, and chronic stress or anxiety.


Etain whole flower is crafted in small-batches with seasonally selected strains.


Etain alien cookies whole flower Medical Cannabis Marijuana New York Manhattan NYC Kingston Syracuse Yonkers Dispensary Near Me Delivery Buy Online

Etain Forte Alien Cookies (AC) Whole Flower: 3.5GM - $50

14.4% tTHC

Dosing: 5.5 mg tTHC / <0.5 mg tCBD per 1 4 second inhale

Active per Package: 495 mg THC / <82.5mg CBD

165 doses