Products | 2/4/2022
Omura & House of Puff at Etain
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Experience Etain Flower Like Never Before


Introducing the Omura Heat-Not-Burn Device & House of Puff Empty Flowersticks 


Welcome to a new generation of vaping. Etain is proud to be the first dispensary in New York to carry the Omura Series X vaporizer device -  featuring dual-oven performance, blazing efficiency, and fill your own sticks. 


Omura is a first of its kind heat-not-burn device revolutionizing flower consumption. The Series X has a dual heat source oven inside that gently heats the flower through a patented heat curve. These components are housed in a slim design, offering one of the smallest and technically sophisticated heat-not-burn devices in the market. 


Once you fill an empty flowerstick with Etain whole or ground flower, insert the stick then the flower is slowly warmed up to vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes for an optimal full spectrum experience. No burning, charring or combustion. The dual heat source allows for maximum vaporization of terpenes and cannabinoids.


Omura’s technology platform was created to make whole flower consumption more convenient and approachable to newcomers and experienced users alike.


With a sleek design and use of disposable flowersticks, Omura delivers a consistently clean, sustainable, and enjoyable experience.

The Omura Series X x House of Puff is now available exclusively at all Etain dispensaries. 


Omura Series X Device available in Slate or Jade - $100


House of Puff Empty Flowersticks - $7 for Pack of 12


House of Puff Empty Flowersticks 


House of Puff is a Latina-led and women-owned lifestyle company based in New York City. They help people by normalizing cannabis consumption through art-inspired products with a cosmopolitan style. 


House of Puff has partnered with Omura to create a sleek set of empty flowersticks to pair perfectly with the device and fill with your fave flower. 


Fill Your Own: Choose your favorite Etain Whole or Ground flower and fill your sticks for use with the Omura device.

Precision Dose: Timed 3 minute sessions gives you a controlled lift. Each stick can hold 0.17g of flower per stick. 3 sticks = 1/2 gram pre-roll.  

Sustainable: Flowersticks are eco-friendly and made using certified rainforest-safe paper.

Hygienic Sessions: Flowersticks are designed for individual use, no cleaning is necessary between each session. 


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Watch Now 


Step Into the House of Puff


House of Puff's Founder & CEO Kristina Lopez Adduci Took A Moment at the Etain NYC Flagship to show you how to use the innovative Omura Device with Etain Flower and House of Puff Flowersticks.