Moments | 2/8/2022
Take A Moment with TribeTokes
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About The Brand: As cannabis demand continues to grow, TribeTokes is creating a community that elevates people. They want people to have access to ultra-healthy products that look great on their shelves. In a market lacking transparency, their guiding principle is "Never sell a product you wouldn't give your own mother or sister." Their community is a place of transparency, innovation, and empowerment. The TribeTokes team is obsessed with developing healthy products with powerful therapeutic effects to empower people and businesses with the knowledge, and access they need to enrich their lives.


TribeTokes Co-founder KymB took a moment to chat with Etain about their brand and the CBD Gummies carried at Etain dispensaries.


What’s the meaning behind the brand name?

Tribe is an all-encompassing term that refers to our amazing community of consumers. They come from all walks of life but are linked through beliefs in safe and fair access to plant medicine and herbal remedies.


Do you have a favorite product in the line?


TRIBEAUTY by TribeTokes is my absolute favorite line. My goal in co-creation of the line (alongside my partner Degelis) was to provide the dopest plant-based skincare infused with the rejuvenating power of CBD. The Pumpkin Peel Mask paired with our Vitamin C Serum, for a GLOW like none other! I also love all the things from House of Puff, Buy Weed from Women and Etain products. Huge respect to NFZD Beauty and Jane West as other awesome women bands that I love.


Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women owned business?


Learning how to build a community of supporting women (TRIBE) has been invaluable! I love and respect so many amazing women leaders in the industry… Lulu Tsui from On the Revel, Joy Beckerman, The Hemp Ace and Shellise Rogers of NYC Norml just to name a few. Having other women there to cheer you on, allows you space for emotional subjects and straight girl gang vibes. It literally leads to confidently pushing through every barrier to entry because you know your girls are behind you! Thank you to all the amazing women breaking (BURNING) every stigma possible XOXO


How do you think TribeTokes products compliment the Etain products?


If there was a marriage made in heaven… Etain takes the THC side of medicine and offers a holistic plant based alternative to modern pharmaceuticals. TribeTokes does the same through CBD. Together THC and CBD offer so many complimentary benefits such as reduced inflammation and support of stress and anxiety. Pairing the Etain Motif with a Forte Pod with TribeTokes CBD gummies is a LOVELY combination - take it from me, a patient first and foremost.


How do you Take A Moment?


Waking up early to invite peace into my day has been a daily ritual for quite some time. My temple (apartment) is fully fitted with a mediation station with candles, sage and a sound bath. I write in my journal multiple times per week to affirm my goals, allow for emotional grounding and of course clear my mind so I can refill it with complete positivity. My favorite thing is praying for my people, my family, friends and constituents in the space.





Shop TribeTokes flavorful CBD Gummies at all Etain locations. 

Each gummy contains 25MG CBD and colored and flavored with all natural juice extracts and organic cane sugar. 


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