Moments | 12/15/2022

Take A Moment with Sweets Flower Shop

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About The Brand: Sweets Flower Shop is a culturally focused cannabis lifestyle brand, all about providing a holistic alternative path to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Sweets Flower Shop Founder Chrystin took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and their CBD Mini Honey available at all Etain legal medical cannabis locations near you in New York.


What’s the meaning behind the brand name?


Since a very young age, I’ve had a dominant sweet tooth and obsession with flowers, so much so that I could be having a terrible day, and the sight of both would instantly lighten up my mood. I wanted to recreate this same soothing effect for my community when experiencing the inevitable challenges that come with living this human experience. With our marquee product being natural honey that's sweet and filled with potent cannabis flowers, I thought the name Sweets Flower Shop fit perfectly and sounded like somewhere I could always go to for joy and reprieve. 


What made you decide to create Sweets Flower Shop?


Sweets Flower Shop came about during a time when I was looking for holistic alternatives to help manage the pain of my menstrual cycle and to help a loved one manage anxiety after being released from the prison system. We both were looking for a healthy and legal way to deal with the pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety of transitioning back into society. After extensive research, CBD came to mind, and coincidentally I had a close friend who had connections with a few cannabis farmers. So when I tried the CBD flowers out in a smokable form, my mind was blown by the immediate relief I felt. I thought that something this good and positively impactful should be shared with my family and community.


What’s your favorite product in the Sweets Flower Shop line and how do you use it?


My favorite product in the line is our infused honey because it’s a beautiful collaboration between two of mother nature's power players and offers holistic benefits while being incredibly versatile. I use it on EVERYTHING, seriously! From a sweetener in my tea and drinks, to a drizzle over snacks and dinner, and even sometimes as a moisturizing agent in my face masks. It's a powerful collaboration of a couple of nature’s gifts that keep giving. 


Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women-owned business?


I’m still learning major lessons as I’m still figuring out my way in the entrepreneurial world, but one that sticks out most is women having to be intentional about making profits with their businesses.


Many women-owned businesses that I know of started as hobbies. We love to solve problems but sometimes forget about the business aspect. 

I have a theory that many female businesses don’t last because a considerable amount of women start them to solve an issue, without being intentional about making profits. The hard truth is that most venture capitalists won’t invest in these businesses if they’re unable to demonstrate a strong ability to make money. I believe that we shouldn’t shy away from making profitable businesses because profits will keep us afloat and ensure that we continue to solve even more – and bigger – problems.


At the same time, we need to build a pipeline of women investors who are already at the top. If we have more women at the top supporting women businesses, we will drive more significant impact and demonstrate to the world that it’s possible to support each other and succeed in building multi-billion-dollar companies together.


The uncertainties surrounding entrepreneurship make it hard to succeed, especially for women. Yet the joy of being able to solve a problem creatively is worth all the risk. 


How do you Take A Moment?


I take a moment by being intentional about making space for stillness everyday. Because my work/life schedule can become hectic at times as an entrepreneur, I am disciplined about carving out time in my day to be still and to go inward. It's here that I re-center myself, find clarity and gain awareness of who I am and my purpose in healing myself and my community in ways that are authentic to me and my God-given gifts. Sometimes it happens through meditation, elevated yoga, reading, journaling, and being outside, grounding/earthing in nature.


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