Moments | 12/13/2021
Take a Moment with LITTLEJOHN New York
Slim Case for Motif


About The Brand: The stash bag reimagined and refined. Marc Littlejohn’s vision and expertise as a creative has redefined the appeal of the stash bag and reimagined a typical pouch into a mature, elegant and upscale accessory. As the archetype of the “typical” cannabis consumer evolves, so should the tools used by lovers of the plant. Littlejohn New York believes you don’t have to compromise style for function or vice versa. 


LITTLEJOHN Founder ​​Marc Littlejohn took a moment to chat with Etain about his brand and the custom Stow Slim Case for Motif™ available at all Etain dispensaries. 


How did you decide to create odor-proof products for cannabis?

I have spent over 20 years in the design industry, designing a wide range of products such as personal accessories, home decor, tech accessories, messenger bags and pouches  for international brands and companies like Barnes & Noble, AVON Products and Godinger Silver. My experience as a corporate designer and a product development specialist  gave me global experience designing, producing and exporting goods. This technical appeal combined with my love of the plant made the transition to designing elegant, functional pieces that perform a unique function, a natural one. 


Do you have a favorite product in your line?

Good question, to me they are like children and I love them all! We exclusively use our own products and I tend to use the STOW Slim Cases most often. That being said, I think the STOW Pouches are the ultimate scent-concealing item because I have added an extra velcro strip just below the zipper which provides powerful scent-control and the leather I developed is so soft and natural. 


Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a small business in New York?

Founding and growing a business in New York has been an amazing journey. The biggest lesson I have learned is to take nothing personally, to always be flexible and be prepared to change direction quickly and most importantly maintain an optimistic perspective.

Along with running the business I am also an educator, I teach entrepreneurial skills to youth in the Brooklyn school system. The first thing I teach are the 7 principles of entrepreneurship which are; Creativity, Empathy, Flexibility, Leadership, Curiosity, Commitment and Optimism.

The beauty of this is that whether you have a Lemonade Stand or a large business these principles apply and I live by them everyday.


What was the design process like to create the Stow Slim Case for the Motif?

The creative process was quick and efficient. I worked with the Etain team closely and they had a good idea of what they wanted and what the functionality needed to be. I put together digital comps specific to fit the Motif and Motif Pods and we made minor adjustments. My factory made a beautiful sample which satisfied the function and the desired aesthetic. Then about 2 months later I delivered the products to the Manhattan store. Etain has also been amazing about promoting the product, our partnership and providing us with materials to also promote the project.


How do you Take A Moment?

Things are crazy busy these days so I manage my down-time carefully. I’m a bit addicted to fitness. It's not just something I do just for my health, it’s a mental release and provides me with emotional balance. I also spend time exploring all types of design and creativity. Spending time with my family is also very important. And of course, I partake in the flower which provides stress relief and promotes creativity.


Marc Littlejohn


Stow your Motif in style and shop the LITTLEJOHN New York Stow Slim Case for Motif™ at all Etain dispensaries. 


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