Moments | 9/16/2022

Take A Moment with Little Saints

Little Saints CBD Mocktails Available at New York NYC Medical Cannabis Dispensary Near Me

Little Saints CBD Mocktails Available at New York NYC Medical Cannabis Dispensary Near Me


About The Brand: Little Saints creates plant magic CBD mocktails - infused with Reishi mushrooms and uplifting botanicals. Using CBD, terpenes and Reishi to mimic the joyful, take-the-edge off effect of the cocktail experience with flavors including Spicy Margarita, Mimosa, Ginger Mule and Paloma.


Little Saints Founder Megan took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and their CBD Beverages available at the Etain NYC & Kingston medical cannabis legal dispensaries in New York.


What’s the meaning behind the Little Saints brand name?


In some regions of Mexico, people refer to mushrooms as “little saints” because they bring joy and connection to spirit. We named the brand “Little Saints” because we aim to bring joy and connection to our customers, via our plant magic mocktails, which are infused with Reishi mushrooms, CBD and uplifting botanical terpenes.


What made you decide to create Little Saints?


Even though I have been in the wellness industry (and a plant medicine advocate) for almost a decade, I am programmed by society and my own experience to believe that I need alcohol to unwind. After drinking too many Negronis during the pandemic and feeling terrible about it, I decided to use my experience creating plant-inspired products to create a non-intoxicating cocktail alternative that would deliver on the promises (relaxation, feeling good, joy, connection) that alcohol does not deliver. I worked with a female food scientist with a masters in adaptogens, and a female sacred plant medicine shaman, to create a functional blend of nano CBD, botanical terpenes and Reishi mushroom, specifically formulated for relaxation and mood lifting. Now that I have Little Saints plant magic mocktails in my fridge, I drink 80% less alcohol than I used to, and I am 100% conscious about all of my drinking choices.


What’s your favorite flavor plant magic mocktail?


I love to drink the Spicy Margarita in a glass of ice with a thin slice of jalapeno. Before I drink it, I inhale the terpenes and set an intention related to joy, relaxation or self love (depending on the day). More often than not, I have music on and dance a little bit with it too! 


Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women-owned business?


Everything is easier when you commit to your brand’s values from the outset. One of our core values is honoring feminine energy, which includes trusting my own intuition and encouraging my team members to do the same. In my previous startups (I’m a serial wellness entrepreneur), I wasn’t confident enough to trust my intuition when things got tough, which left me resentful and unhappy. By infusing the celebration of feminine energy into the core of Little Saints, not only do all of us feel happier at work, but we also see the results within our community – we’re building deep relationships, creating a brand that resonates, and having a lot of fun doing it!


How do you think the Little Saints beverages compliments Etain’s medical cannabis products?


We are so thrilled to be Etain’s first beverage! Little Saints mocktails contain 10mg CBD, uplifting terpenes (limonene and caryophyllene dominant) and Reishi mushroom, all of which have a positive, joyful entourage effect when paired with medical cannabis. I find that the terpenes in Little Saints mocktails give my medical cannabis experience an extra “good mood” boost, and I love the way that the Reishi makes me feel more alert and focused. Having historically been a person who enjoyed a cocktail with her cannabis, I really love replacing that cocktail with a plant magic mocktail – it makes the cannabis experience better, and I have no hangover in the morning!


How do you Take A Moment?


Every morning before I look at my phone, I do a morning practice that calms my nervous system and gets me into a place of self love before I start my day. It looks like this: First, I do a full body shake (think about what a dog looks like when shaking off water) to clear any stuck energy. Second, I put an essential oil into my palms and smell it for five breaths, asking the plant energies in the oil to teach me their wisdom. Third, I meditate for 15 minutes, reciting inner mantras about self love. Fourth, I do about 15-20 minutes of yoga and back exercises. This practice helps me feel centered, no matter how stressful work is or how much I’m traveling. Thank you for the opportunity to share it!


Little Saints Mocktails with Women Founder Available at Etain New York NYC Medical Cannabis Dispensary near me


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