Moments | 9/23/2022

Take A Moment with Chime & Chill

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About The Brand: Wellness is the focus at Chime & Chill. Their CBD is the Wellness Oil that helps you achieve a focus while experiencing a sense of calm, peace of mind and even restful sleep. Their goal is to offer attainable and accessible ways to experience CBD Wellness to find the right mix.


Chime & Chill Founder Kimber took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and their AM & PM Oral Solutions available at Etain legal medical cannabis dispensaries in New York.


What’s the meaning behind the Chime & Chill brand name?

When we were kids, my husband Marc and I had a friend “Cousin Willy” who used to call smoking weed “chime time”. During our family events, “chime” became the code to go outside to burn, chill and escape for a few minutes. It became part of our daily lingo to “chime”, “chime it up”, have session “chime time” and our special way to connect through consumption.

When we started discussing the thought of branding our solutions, it was really important to Marc that we make “chime” a part of NY Cannabis culture as a tribute to Cousin Willy. Since all of the domains we needed were taken, our company was founded as ChimeItUp LLC and our brand evolved into “Chime & Chill”.


What made you decide to create Chime & Chill?

When I went to my first WomenGrow meeting in August 2018, it occurred to me that the tiny, portable delivery system for oral solutions that I had developed for myself might actually be brandable and saleable. It gave me a tangible and purposeful way to “justify” why I had gotten unexplainably sick in 2002.

A biopsy in 2003 labeled me with a rare auto-immune condition - hypocomplementemic urticarial vasculitis syndrome. Due a disease in the walls of my red blood vessels, my body just would attack itself creating internal swellings that resulted in temporary paralysis in my limbs. My mind was functional but my body just couldn’t get past the inflammation to respond. My primary doctor for the condition encouraged me to explore plant based medicines.


Cannabis went from “smoking to alleviate depression and anxiety” to a mix of solutions, teas and extracts that could help manage my inflammation disorder in addition to the combustion that kept me functional. In 2009 I transitioned off of my pharmaceuticals completely by replacing them with different cannabinoids. We were elated. 


But it wasn’t until that first WomenGrow meeting that I thought we could have a business, and the support to act on it.



Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women-owned business?

Nothing is easy. Not one thing goes as planned. But if you surround yourself with the most supportive tribe, believe in yourself and your hustle, all your dreams are Etain-able.



How do you think the Chime & Chill products compliment Etain’s medical cannabis products?

As a patient allergic to MCT-oil, Etain oral spray and powder were two of the medications early on the program that offered me relief. I really enjoy how our Chime&Chill oral solutions layer in with the different Etain ratios to create different levels of elevation and relief. One Mezzo Spray and a Chime&Chill AM are the perfect way to start my day!


How do you Take A Moment?

I love the quiet of the morning. I look forward to my morning solitude during sunrise accompanied by coffee and cannabis as I plan out my day.


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