Moments | 3/7/2022

Take A Moment with Ananda Farms

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About The Brand: Ananda Farms is dedicated to providing safe products for consumers everywhere. Their farms naturally grow great tasting, high yielding, and organic hemp. The mineral enrich soil, crisp air quality, and unique fast-growing summer climate in Upstate, NY are ideal for producing one of the world’s most nutrient-rich and beneficial “Super Foods.”


Sarah Stenuf founded Ananda Farms and Veteran's Ananda 501(c)(3) to help others. What she soon noticed is that by helping others, she has created beautiful relationships that were built on a foundation of hope.


Stenuf founded Veteran’s Ananda Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit homestead & retreat that utilizes traditional and non-traditional treatments and therapies for veterans, first responders, and their families; because she is committed to helping others. Stenuf firmly believes that it is our social responsibility to help one another in the community. And if we could all come to that recognition and help one another, then we can create an evolution.


Etain is proud to give a donation to Veteran’s Ananda so the sale of the Ananda Farms CBD products continues to give back to veterans.


Ananda Farms Founder, CEO and Head Cultivator Sarah Stenuf took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and the CBD products carried at all Etain locations.



What’s the meaning behind the Ananda Farms brand name?

The word “Ananda” is Sanskrit for “joy” or “bliss” and is often referred to as the extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being. It is believed to reach this highest state of being, is to be at one (or peace) with yourself. At Ananda Farms we believe to be one with yourself, is to be one with nature. Ananda Farms is more than just a farm business with a product line; it’s a place for veterans to connect, obtain jobs, build their resumes, and soak in the “dirt therapy.” We believe it’s important for veterans to have a safe place to come together and connect; while also learning about non-traditional treatments and therapies regarding plant-based medicine, especially cannabis. Therefore, a lot of what we focus on at Ananda Farms is how to gain more recognition of the consciousness we have or don’t have of ourselves (mind, body, and spirit) and of nature.


The founder and owner, Sarah Stenuf, is a retired US Army helicopter crew chief. When she was medically retired from the Army, she found herself struggling to integrate back into society. For many years she felt hopeless, useless, and lost. She started to grow cannabis because the plant was the only thing that would help with her post service issues and daily struggles. She found her niche in agriculture, through what she likes to call agro-therapy (connecting with nature).


However, she quickly realized that there were many negative stigmas around botanical treatments; to include the use of cannabis as a medicine. That’s when she started advocating for the much more needed education and awareness about cannabis. However, no one would listen. So, she took initiative and decided to address these problems with solutions. She became passionate about helping other veterans and individuals grow at home and learn about plant-based treatments through an online social media alias she created called HappyHealing420. That social media alias turned into an LLC (HappyHealing420 LLC) which is now DBA as Ananda Farms.


Ananda Farms is a LGBTQ, WOB (women owned business), and SDVOB (service-disabled veteran owned business) business that reaches optimal compliance, optimal quality, optimal consistency, and effective brand exposure. The Company has dependable, reliable stakeholders that help build our foundation. Because of this, Ananda Farms has built a positive brand reputation. This is largely in part due to our brand narrative that created loyalty, trust, and positive exposure. Which in turn also established a positive reputation that has gained wonderful recognition. Thus, creating equity, which allows Ananda Farms to continue to scale operations and maintain those operations; to include, hiring veterans and minorities within the community. Proving that CSR is something deeply embedded into our company’s DNA, not just something we write on a piece of paper. Because what Mrs. Stenuf built was a brand, not just a business.


Ananda Farms became a for-profit subsidiary, donating proceeds to the 501c3 nonprofit I founded called Veteran’s Ananda Inc. Since our inception I have traveled the world to share my story and the Company’s story. This has helped me to establish relationships with politicians, celebrities, former pro-athletes, prestigious businesses, organizations, and the community at large. Therefore,  for me a business came out of a brand that was being built and establishing relationships for years with people, prior to having products or even being established as a “business.” At Ananda Farms we provide a safe, serene environment for veterans to find their eternal joy and happiness, their “Ananda.”


Do you have a favorite product in the Ananda Farms CBD line?

Ananda Farms cultivates, processes, and manufactures superior quality hemp raw materials and products in the form of refined whole plant oil for human and animal consumption. Our customers may also utilize our raw materials for topical applications. Ananda Farms’ products are all-natural, organic, 3rd party lab tested, and certified through the DOH and the Dept. of Agriculture and Markets in NYS. We are also a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and certified by the Homegrown By Heroes program. Priding ourselves in being women-veteran owned and grown!


Currently Ananda Farms processes organic MCT oil for human and pet CBD tinctures, CBD topical applications, CBD isolate, CBD gel capsules, as well as CBD flower. My favorite product(s) in the Ananda Farms CBD line are our rubs, both the Warming and Cooling Rub. Muscle Rub features full spectrum hemp extract with a minimum of 300mg of CBD per 1 oz tin and is infused with herbal and essential oils. All-natural. 3rd party lab tested. Packaged in a convenient metal tin with a screw top lid, this is the perfect product to take on the go for use at the gym, the office, and at home.


Not only are the rubs our number one seller, very affordable, and easy to you; but they are also extremely effective. We put a lot of work and dedication into making quality products that actually work. The rubs are our pride formulation(s) mostly because of the amazing feedback we have been receiving from the community.


Veterans and first responders receive our products free of charge through our stewardship program or through the services provided at the nonprofit, Veteran’s Ananda Inc. (a nationally recognized 501c3 nonprofit that provided free services and programs to veterans.) We intend to expand our production activities soon to allow white labeling of our products; thus, allowing us to scale operations and efforts.

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Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women owned business?


The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a women owned business is that there is a difference between making a brand and just creating a business. There are a lot of wonderful people out there with great ideas. However, roughly 80% of small businesses fail. I believe this is largely in part due to the lack of businesses truly connecting with the community; and listening to what their customers and others have to say. At Ananda Farms, we emphasize the importance of branding and sharing our story in hopes to connect with others; listen to them and build trust and loyalty. Which in turn creates positive recognition and a wonderful reputation for us, and eventually brand equity. Therefore, I feel CSR and giveback is of the utmost importance.


How do you think Ananda Farms CBD Products compliment the Etain medical cannabis products?


Ananda Farms has developed a brand that communicates our core values of outstanding quality, environmental stewardship, and exceptional customer service. The Company underscores the premium quality of its product grown organically using mineral-enriched soil, glacier made lakes, and the lush sunshine of the Upstate New York where it is located. Ananda Farms utilizes a highly tailored marketing approach leveraging direct sales and networking. This strategy is specifically designed to reach local customers, dispensaries, food stores, and businesses.


Which is why Ananda Farms is very brand conscious; just like the incredible women at Etain. We care about the customers’ opinions about our brand. Therefore, we try to think of the excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence, and sophistication of it all to connect with people. Therefore, I’ve put a heavy emphasis on high-quality standards and excellent customer service to achieve positive and effective brand recognition. Following the simple stages of brand recognition: awareness, preference, reputation, trust, and loyalty; Ananda Farms has maintained a positive brand reputation that has helped us to increase customer loyalty, build confidence in the market and help position us as leaders in the space.


Ananda Farms is dedicated to providing safe, high-quality products for consumers everywhere. Our farms naturally grow great tasting, high yielding, and organic hemp. We create all-natural, organic products approved by the Farmer Veteran Coalition and Homegrown by Heroes program and we pride ourselves in being a LGBTQ, woman, disabled-veteran-owned farm. Ananda Farms is women owned and family operated; and we employ and train veterans; offering veterans jobs, opportunities, and incentives; as well as the ability to find their niche in the cannabis & hemp industry. Our veterans also produce and package premium, high-quality products for the community right here at the farm. The attention we give to managing our quality, nutrients-rich soils, growing healthy crops, and packaging and delivering our products exemplifies traditional home-grown values.


How do you Take A Moment?


Depends how we define a Moment. For me an entrepreneur and advocate; balance is something I definitely had to learn. Between family, friends, and work; it’s often difficult to find or take personal time. However, I have learned that it is important to take a moment. Whether that sometimes means taking 30 seconds and doing some deep breathing or realizing after 2 weeks of non-stop work, that I need a day to rest. I am not always good at doing this.


However, I am learning. And I understand that it’s important that I take the time to listen to my body and understand what it needs. But I think knowing that there always needs to be a give and take, is of utmost importance. For instance, starting up a company may require 70% of your time at work, 20% of your time for family and friends, and 10% time for you….but you still have to make that time. At the end of the day, when I give myself that moment, I find myself being a better person; a more clear headed being.

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