Moments | 4/26/2022
Take A Moment with 024
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About The Brand: 024™ scented candles are designed to transform your space. Our luxurious scents envelop you in aromatic bliss and are specially formulated with scent-tech to reduce the cannabis smell, in addition to lingering odors caused by pets, food, and tobacco smoke. 024™ is Fragrance for High Maintenance.


024™'s patented NeuAir™ technology targets and neutralizes cannabis airborne molecules and replaces them with our specially formulated alluring and immersive fragrances. 

All of our fragrances have been designed by world-class perfumers and specially formulated to transform your space by reducing lingering odors, especially helpful for our 420-friendly neighbors. The best of scent and science.


024 Founder Gena took a moment to chat with Etain about the brand and the candles carried at Etain NYC. 


What’s the meaning behind the brand name?

We named ourselves 024 by taking the widely cannabis associated terminology 420 and reversing the numbers, as we aim to reverse stigmas and stereotypes linked to the use of cannabis.


Do you have a favorite candle scent in the 024 line?

I love them all, but I have a slight addiction to Cannatonic. It’s sexy and a whole mood for me.


Since starting the brand, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a women owned business?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a woman owned business is that building a support network is priceless. I think many of us are so used to doing everything on our own, being resilient, strong, managing all the things, simply because we know that we can do hard things – but this swiftly leads us to burnout. Sometimes, it’s necessary to reach out to that network, mentor, advisor, or friend to regroup and reset.


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How do you think 024 candles compliment Etain products? 

I think there are a couple of reasons that 024 products compliment Etain products. We too, are women owned and quality obsessed. We work hard to ensure that our products are safe and carefully crafted. Additionally, 024 shares a similar brand inspiration as it relates to a family member’s health and wellness. My 024 inspiration is my son who suffers from sickle cell anemia and decided to begin using cannabis medicinally for his chronic illness. Unfortunately, there are many stereotypes and negative connotations that are associated with cannabis use and one of them is how it smells. I wanted him and others who choose to use cannabis for their lifestyle to be able to indulge without judgment.



How do you Take A Moment?

I take a moment by taking a bath. I love a hot bath infused with a delicious bath soak, music, and a candle. It’s the perfect ritual and allows me to let it all go, even if just for a moment.


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