Products | 4/20/2021
420 Strain Launch - Mezzo Cure
Etain Mezzo Cure packaging

Relieve Your Senses with Mezzo Cure Premium Ground Flower

We know Etain Premium Ground Flower is a customer favorite and we want to continue to offer you an increased variety of strains within the category. 


Launched 4/20, Mezzo Cure is the newest addition to the ground flower family. 


Mezzo Cure has a classic skunky funky flavor. Its genetic background is a blend of skunk and hemp, which results in a mellow and earthy aroma. This strain prefers to grow in colder weather, and we've been growing it all winter so that we could bring our patients some fresh spring flowers. 

With a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio, our Mezzo formulation pairs the calming effects of CBD with a gentle bounce of energy from THC. Etain Ground Flower is in stock at all Etain dispensaries and available to purchase with no quantity limit.*

Read the Phylos Genotype report on Mezzo Cure HERE

*quantity may not exceed a 30 day supply due to NYS regulation