Production Facility Open House

On October 5th Etain opened its doors to the public and press to present the final stages of our production facility in Chestertown, NY. Many people were in attendance including our neighbors from the Adirondack region and news crews from stations like PBS and CBS. October 5th marked the final time any non-Etain employee would be given access to the facility as the security system and fencing were being put in and were nearly finalized.

Etain’s production facility sits on top of a hill off Route 9 in Chestertown, a perfect viewing platform for the rugged beauty of the Adirondack Park region. The weather was a crisp reminder of fall, but as the day went on it warmed up and people seemed happy to stand around the former horse barn that has been transformed into Etain’s state-of-the-art facility. The atmosphere of the open house was welcoming and informative, and the event was meant to provide those in attendance with a window onto the high standards that Etain holds for its operations in the region.

Hillary led multiple tours for members of the press, and showed off the full breadth of Etain’s high-tech manufacturing operations. Once the press finished with their walkthroughs Amy showed the facility to Etain’s neighbors from the Adirondacks, and she spoke at length about what the facility meant for the inhabitants of Chestertown. Although there were no plants currently in the facility, members of the press and public were able to see the rooms where Etain employees would be cloning, growing, curing, and extracting medical marijuana to produce Etain’s top-quality product formulations. Food for lunch was provided by the Alp Horn Motel (a local bed and breakfast), and after a long morning of walking and answering questions it was a welcome meal.