New Medical Marijuana Product Available: Mezzo

New Medical Marijuana Product Mezzo

Introducing a new Medical Marijuana Product: Etain Mezzo

Etain is introducing a new medical marijuana product to our New York dispensary locations. Mezzo is a 2 CBD to 1 THC product designed to provide the pain relief from THC while counteracting psychoactive effects with a strong dose of CBD. Mezzo is less likely to cause sleepiness or feelings of “being high” due to THC being counteracted by a large amount of CBD. This makes Mezzo safer for day-time use.

Many of our first-time medical marijuana patients can benefit from the pain-relief and appetite enhancement that THC provides but are concerned about unwanted psychoactive effects. Mezzo provides a way for patients that are new to cannabis to receive the benefits of THC but with lessened unwanted psychoactive side-effects.

Mezzo is now available in Capsule and Tincture forms at our dispensaries, if you are interested in purchasing Mezzo please speak with your doctor or with your local Etain pharmacist. You can read more about Mezzo as well as our other medical marijuana products on our products page, here.


We’re excited to bring this product to market in New York State, and we have high hopes that it will help bring patients unfamiliar with cannabis as a medicine into the program comfortably.