National Cannabis Summit 2015

NCIA (the National Cannabis Industry Association) hosted the National Cannabis Summit from September 21st to the 22nd of this year. The conference brought together cannabis professionals from across the world to share in the common purpose of working through some of the industry’s biggest problems. Hillary and Amy attended the summit as representatives of Etain, seeking information from fellow entrepreneurs but also bringing the unique perspective of the New York Market.

Hillary spoke alongside Colette Bellefleur (a chief executive from Bloomfield Industries, one of the fellow licensees) as part of the summit’s introductory fireside chat. Among the topics Hillary and Colette spoke about were the technical details of New York’s highly regulated program and the stresses involved in the application process. The final question they were asked focused on the future of women in the cannabis industry, highlighting the fact that Colette and Hillary were both women working in this nascent business. Hillary and Colette’s responses foregrounded the amazing diversity of people brought together by the medical marijuana industry, and the opportunities this diversity provides to women and people of all kinds to work in the future of the medical market.

The summit featured a keynote address by senator Kirsten Gillibrand later in the day after Hillary and Colette spoke. Senator Gillibrand spoke to the current state of the NYS medical marijuana program and the necessity to expand patient access in medical markets like New York’s. Senator Gillibrand has been a long-time supporter of medical marijuana in New York State, and is a firm ally to women working in business and politics around the country. She was a welcome presence at the summit, and her keynote was met with a rousing round of applause from the audience.