Medical Marijuana Discount Program

Etain balance medical marijuana products on a white background. Including Oral Spray, Vaporizer, Capsules, and Tincture.

Etain is proud to announce that we are officially implementing a new medical marijuana discount program, effective immediately!

Going forward, all purchases of 100 dollars or more are eligible for a redeemable coupon usable on your next purchase under our new medical marijuana discount program. All of Etain’s products qualify towards the discount. Our discount program scales with the amount that patients are purchasing. This means that patients who have to visit often or purchase in bulk to treat their symptoms will be helped by our new discounts.

We founded our company to ensure that patients in New York had access to the highest quality, purest, and most potent products available anywhere. We hope that our new customer loyalty program helps us bring superior medical marijuana products to more patients in the state.

For more information on our discount program you can speak with a pharmacist in person at one of our dispensaries or contact us via:


Phone: (914) 437 7898