Products | 6/17/2022
OC Whole Flower
OC Strain

Etain Forte: OC - Orange Crush

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

20:1 THC:CBD


Etain introduces the next strain in our line of Premium Whole Flower, Forte: Orange Crush. 


Orange Crush is created by crossing the California Orange x Blueberry strains. As the name and lineage suggests, Orange Crush has a strong citrus aroma and flavor, with distinct notes of sweet oranges. The appearance is also reminiscent of oranges, with vibrant gold flecks amid the bright green bud.


When growing, it has tall, lanky and chunky flowers. The final dense buds have abundant orange pistils and a super citrus smell. 


Orange Crush is a sativa-dominant hybrid known to possibly provide a powerful cerebral effect of euphoria and happiness. Due to the reported positive effects of this strain, it is often used for patients who suffer from depression or anxiety. It may also be used for individuals that have lost their appetite, or suffer from fatigue or pain. 


Orange Crush is a strain that is bred for both its delicious flavor and for its enjoyably relaxing, yet motivating high - it’s a citrusy explosion for the senses.


Etain whole flower is crafted in small-batches with seasonally selected strains. 

Etain Forte OC Whole Flower: 3.5GM - $50

17.27% tTHC 

It’s Kind Of A Big Peel

Orange Crush is also available in a 1mL Motif Pod for exclusive use in the Motif Magnetic Vape Pen.


Etain Forte OC Motif Pod: 1mL - $130