Products | 1/19/2021

Flower Power: Ground Medical Cannabis Flower in Stock in NY

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Our premium ground medical cannabis flower is back in stock at all Etain dispensaries in New York

Etain, as a small woman-owned business, has always taken great care and effort to ensure that our products are safe and produced and sold in a compliant manner to patients in New York State. We've perfected our new ground flower process under DOH guidelines while maintaining the same level of quality to match our standards.

NYS DOH has, in recent months, issued new guidance for the preparation of ground flower. This guidance requires us to grind our flower into less-than 5 millimeter pieces (smaller than a quarter-inch, or ⅓ the width/diameter of a dime). The process to meet these protocols and submit testing took time and we appreciate your patience while we worked tirelessly to get Etain Ground Flower back in stock. 
What you'll receive now is the same high-quality, medical-grade flower as before, the only change is that it's now ground to the newly designated specification. 

Our Ground Flower is available in our High THC, Low CBD Forte strain

Forte Berry is in many ways a normal plant, but looks can be deceiving. It is a hybrid strain with relatives in the skunk and berry family, but the berry really shows up in its terpene profile which has a stimulating combination of berry and pineapple flavors. What makes it special isn’t immediately obvious from looking at it’s genetics. Forte Berry has a High THC, Low CBD content, is very hardy and allows us to rely on our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program to keep things clean, and provide our patients with a user friendly product for experienced cannabis users and patients just trying cannabis for the first time.


Make Your Voice Heard

If you want to see changes to the NY State MMJ program, especially if you want to see changes to flower guidance, please consider taking the following step as it will help advance the medical marijuana industry in New York to be more in line with all of the surrounding states, and the industry as a whole. 

The New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association has made it easy to contact your legislators with the demand for access to affordable, whole flower for New Yorkers. Take action and use their FORM to directly contact your legislator and the DOH.