Products | 3/11/2021

Etain Powder

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Etain Medical Cannabis Powder: The Power of Powder


At Etain we know our patients want easily accessible and alternative ways to consume cannabis and our dissolvable medical cannabis powder answers the call.


Our water-soluble, flavorless medical cannabis powder can be added to virtually anything. Using the powder, you can turn anything, even a glass of water, into an edible infusion.


Dissolvable powders have an endless number of applications, making it one of our most versatile products. Given their water solubility and the fact that they are fully activated, they are more bioavailable when consumed compared with traditional edibles. We suggest blending it in your morning coffee or afternoon tea or sprinkling it on your favorite food.


Our Etain Medical Cannabis Powder is natural and plant derived with limited ingredients and no preservatives. We encourage our patients to experiment in the kitchen with different infusion techniques to find their perfect dosed recipe.


Updates to Etain Medical Cannabis Powders include adjusting the dose size to 1/4 scoop to deliver a total of 10mg of cannabinoids per scoop. We’re also now including a handy 1/4 spoon with the powder to make it even more convenient to dose in 5-10mg increments from the 500mg container.


The simplicity of our dissolvable powder and it's availability in Balance or Forte formulations has made it an Etain customer favorite.


Estimated Time of onset: 45-60 minutes*


Estimated Duration of effect: 6-8 hours*


Active cannabinoids: 500mg


Available Brands: Etain Balance™ (1 CBD : 1 THC) and Etain Forte™ (High THC)


Drug Solubility: Importance and Enhancement Techniques


*Onset & duration results may vary