Products | 4/23/2021

The Etain Patient Journal

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Introducing the Etain Patient Journal: Find the ideal medical marijuana treatment for your symptoms 


At Etain, your health and well-being is our top priority and we want to continue to help you find the most effective products for your treatment. To continue to aid in your journey we’re launching the Etain Patient Journal.


From industry leader, Goldleaf, the journal was developed in partnership with top medical professionals to give you all the tools necessary to chart every important factor in your therapy.


Whether you’re new to medical cannabis, or a long-time user, the Etain Patient Journal is designed to help you better understand your body’s response to cannabis treatment.


Begin your learning by consulting the reference section of the journal that has useful info on CBD and THC effects as well as a terpene library. Consistently track your symptoms, symptom severity, therapy, timeline and effects felt and then reference back your treatments to see how you’ve progressed. You’ll have proven insight into your dosing history which can lead to less adverse reactions and side effects as well as dialing into the ideal Etain products for your symptoms.


The treatment journal can also save you money since you’ll have clear results on what products and doses are working for you rather than trying multiple products without clear goals.


If you’ve had inconsistent success using medical marijuana a journal is an essential tool to achieve significantly improved therapeutic results. Take a moment to make cannabis journaling part of your daily practice to spark joy everyday.


Share your journey with the Etain Patient Journal and tell us how it helps you take an #etainmoment