Products | 2/12/2021
Etain Oral Sprays
Etain Oral Spray Bottles

Etain Oral Sprays: Spritz and Go


At Etain we give our patients an array of options to choose their preferred consumption method. Our oral sprays are another easy-to-dose option for smoke-free delivery of medical cannabis, giving patients another reliable dosing option.


For some, sprays are easier to use than tinctures — yet offer all the same health benefits. The main difference between a tincture and a spray is the applicator at the top of the bottle. This may seem like a subtle difference, but it dramatically changes how you use your products. 


The hand-held spray bottle is a sublingual delivery method and is easy to measure precisely, with a simple spray under the tongue. 


Etain oral sprays have been repackaged in a new sleek spray mechanism, and are still available in our popular fresh mint flavor, which masks the taste of cannabis. The 25ml spritzer is filled with cannabis oil and a carrier liquid and contains 50 doses with a strength of 10mg/4 sprays. The spritzer allows for dosing in increments, giving patients who are new to cannabis or those of who only need a small amount of product, options to achieve their desired effects. 


Whether you need pain relief or just want to improve your overall well-being, our fast-acting sprays quickly provide a potent dose of cannabinoids, along with minty-fresh breath.


Estimated Time of onset: 15-30 minutes (under the tongue), 45-60 minutes (swallowed)


Estimated Duration of effect: 6-7 hours


Available Brands and Spray Dosing:


Etain Dolce™ - High CBD

Etain Mezzo™ - 2 CBD : 1 THC

Etain Balance™ - 1 CBD : 1 THC

Etain Forte™ - High THC