Products | 3/14/2022
CanPay is Now Available at Etain
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A New Way to Pay at Etain


CanPay is now Available for In-Dispensary Purchases and Delivery Orders

At Etain we want to continue to elevate and simplify your shopping experience. We now offer CanPay as a payment option at our dispensaries and for delivery orders. CanPay is an app that links to a customer’s checking account and can be used to pay for products without having cash on hand and without fees. 


Why Use CanPay?

  • No Fee: There are no “convenience” or other fees to the customer when you make a purchase
  • It’s Convenient: No pre-planning to get cash or having to visit the ATM 
  • It’s Safer: No cash to lose
  • It’s Secure: Cutting edge security means only the customer registered can make purchases with their account. When you pay you use a random, single-use token that cannot be used by anyone else & none of your account info is shared. 
  • It’s Simple: You generate a unique payment PIN in the CanPay app and are ready to make a purchase
  • It’s Debit: A debit is made to your checking account in the exact amount of the purchase (no rounding to $5 increments!)



What Do You Need To Sign Up?

  • U.S. checking account
    • Checking account number and routing number (this can be found at the bottom of a check or within most banking apps). Some banks link directly to CanPay allowing the customer to log into their bank account instead of manually entering their checking account information
  • Valid email address
  • Last 4 digits of social security number
  • Cell phone number: A text message will be sent to verify the phone number
  • Home address
  • If CanPay is unable to approve account with the information listed above, they may request Valid driver’s license or state ID number (a passport will not be accepted)   

Have 2 Minutes? Sign Up Now

  • Visit to download the app to a mobile device
  • Click Sign Up
  • Create Your Profile by filling out all of the required fields
    • Name, Address, Phone number, Email address
    • Checking account and routing information. The customer may be given the option to log into their checking account and directly connect to the CanPay app
    • Pin (selected by customer)
    • State ID or Driver’s license number if requested
    You'll receive a text verification that must be entered to confirm the phone number
  • Most customers will be approved instantly when signing up for the CanPay app. 
  • Upon sign up, you will be provided with you  “Purchase Power”. This is your available spending limit with CanPay and is determined by a variety factors. The purchase power may change depending on your usage history with CanPay.  The purchase power may be between $0 and $3000










FAQ on CanPay 


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