Moments | 5/16/2022
House of Puff and Chris Wilson Project at Etain
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Etain and House of Puff believe that art can help promote social change

At the age of 17, Chris Wilson was charged with a crime, convicted, and sentenced to his natural life in prison. 

While in isolation, he decided to change his life. To transform himself, he wrote The Master Plan: My Journey from a Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose(available for purchase at Etain). Wilson turned his life around and is now a successful visual artist, author, and social justice warrior. 

With their latest artist series collaboration rolling papers with Wilson, House of Puff is building awareness about the harmful effects of solitary confinement. 


Wilson’s powerful painting Positive Delusions (above) captures the emotions he felt while in solitary confinement and the desire to make changes in his life. Each color in the paintings stands in for an emotion felt while in solitary confinement, representing the universal need of those in solitary to do anything to survive and stay sane.  

House of Puff’s Chris Wilson Collection Rolling Papers featuring Positive Delusions are exclusively available at Etain Health and on now. A percentage of the rolling papers and artwork proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit, Solitary Watch, which investigates, documents, and disseminates information about the widespread use of solitary confinement in U.S. prisons and jails.


Materials: Unbleached hemp, 33 leaves per booklet with thin, slow-burning tips.
$9 per pack.


Learn more about Chris Wilson on House of Puff’s blog HERE