Moments | 11/22/2020
Take a moment to Learn: Biophilia
 Biophilia green plant wall at Etain NYC

Biophilia is defined most directly and simply as “love of life” but in architecture and design, it is about reconnecting humans with nature. When we were first discussing the design concept for Etain Health’s NY flagship location with award-winning designer Clodagh and her team, we thought the presence of a living wall would help define the space both physically and psychologically. We wanted it to offer additional life and health-enhancing benefits to Etain Health’s medical cannabis patients, customers, and staff.

Installing a plant wall of this size (18’ 8” x 18’ 6”) was no small undertaking! The plants are grown in felt and fed via irrigation and capillary action, using LED lights to enhance the existing natural light. The large inset Etain Health logo was designed in burnished copper. In ancient alchemy, copper is considered a feminine metal associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love – which ties back to the concept of biophilia and the love of life.

Though there are no cannabis plants on the 345 sq ft. living wall, there are a number of plants that offer clear health benefits beyond their natural beauty.  Spathiphyllum (peace lily) is considered one of the best indoor plants for neutralizing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. They also absorb mildew and mold spores, which are a common allergen that can be especially problematic for immune-compromised people.

Peace lilies (and most plants) release oxygen at night, and as you enter the space in the morning you can feel the uplifting, clarifying energy all around you. There are also several types of fern that help purify the air: Adiantum pedantum (maidenhair fern), Nephrolepis cordifolia “Duffii”(lemon button fern), Asplenum nidus (birds nest fern), are just a few of the nearly 2500 plants currently living on the wall.  

We invite you to come visit us and Take a Moment with Etain and discover the living wall in the tranquil space designed by plantwalldesign

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Plant wall build at Etain NYC

Plant wall build at Etain NYC